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Foodservice is a massive business sector in market size with a large variety of regional and local competitors operating in different sizes and business models. There are also diverse market segments within commercial and non-commercial food service categories, though today’s line across foodservice segments are blurred in many respects. Cloudtop has been continuously investing in business ventures related with foodservice in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, educational facilities, and other industrial customers. Cloudtop iSparoow is an independent foodservice brand, which is specialising in vertically independent catering segments. iSparoow currently have operations in the UK and China.


In commercial foodservice sector, Cloudtop is focusing on much narrower market segments, which differentiate from other segments in terms of the cooking type of the food ingredients and unique food culture. The market segments Cloudtop choose and focus on are growing at a fast pace and request higher demand in food and ingredients.    Cloudtop iSparroow focuses mainly on Asian-style Hot Pot catering and Kebab& Skewers catering segments, which demand higher-level standardization of products and services.

In the non-commercial foodservice sector, Cloudtop iSparoow is specialized in serving two main segments including college and university catering and Business and industry catering.

The products iSparoow mainly focuses on are value-added and standardized half processed and pre-prepared products. Standardized products bring higher cost efficiency and better service quality to our foodservice clients.



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