Who are we?

Who are we?

Focusing on agriculture and food sector, Cloudtop is a global agri-value chain manager and multinational investor dedicating to the integration of agricultural resources, markets, technology, capital and talents on a global basis to unlock global agri-food business segments.  

We are a successful and diverse Group operating a number of businesses within agriculture and food related industries all across the Far East, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our target investment portfolios cover agricultural and agri-foods projects and technology and we are growing our investment and operation development in the emerging markets.  

Our motivation in agriculture and food sector lies in our strong passion and genuine love in the Nature, Agriculture, and Food Cultures.

Our Mission  


To create and bring business sustainability to every member all across global agri-value chain
- To build a practical system to mitigate the risks in the volatile and complicated global agri-value chain.
- To build a business network to support every agribusiness player especially SMEs in the agri-value chain
- To make the business easier for upstream and downstream members in the agri-value chain

Our Values  


Cloudtop is an innovative and forward looking Group.
We maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity.
We value our People and invest in attracting, retaining and developing talents to join our team.
We embrace competition, change and innovation, criticism and advices

Our Vision  


To become a leading agricultural value chain integration platform in the world


4000+ Global Suppliers


Professional Buyers and Users


100+ Logistics Partners in Various Countries


25+ Shipping Lines in Cooperation