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Agri-Food Big Data

Cloudtop Database of Agri-Digital (DAD) is a price-oriented database that monitor the prices of frozen and dried Agrifood categories. DAD is a supplemental database to a variety of existing commercial and non-commercial database and provides practical trading and investment insights for associated members in the global value chain.  

Data collected are both primary data and secondary data. The primary data are collected by Cloudtop monitoring operators located in the major wholesale markets in some key regions and multiple cities across the world, while secondary data are gathered via the producers and processors, the Custom, Government Authorities, other Agri-Database, etc. Key price index and analysis are shared upon request with our customers, suppliers and government authorities in partnerships with Cloudtop.

DAD Key features


Sub-sub-category focused, Monitoring Key brands, Niche Coverage(Monitoring Niche items), Quality


Weekly price monitoring

Geographical Coverage

International Price, Regional Wholesales Price , Local Retailing Price

Agri-foods Cloud Market

An Integrated Cloud-Market Linking Producers With Users

Cloudtop is dedicating to building the close connection between global agri-producers and the users by deeply involving the new technology.   We have been promoting Cloud-based market establishment by upgrading the traditional wholesale market into an advanced mobile transactional market.   Cloudtop provides Cloud solutions to move physical wholesale markets to a mobile application. By staying Cloud, producers and users can smoothly communicate and trade wherever they are located via their mobile devices with Internet access. The Cloud Agri-Market is a one-stop trade platform on which the verified subscribers can send demand request, spread trade offers, place purchase order, timely communicate about industrial insights and market trends. 


4000+ Global Suppliers


Professional Buyers and Users


100+ Logistics Partners in Various Countries


25+ Shipping Lines in Cooperation